Christmas Card

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Merry Christmas everybody!

This is a card I made using my advanced skills as a graphics designer. I spent several hours getting the shot right in my home based photographic studio, then I spent several hours in post productions, using my various skills in photo development to improve the facial characteristics of the digital image. I used Adobe Photoshops to do the visual editing to the digital image. I am currently a graphics designer, specialising in the area of digital designs. My agent says I am making improvements to my skills with great frequency and soon I will be able to be an intern at a small company. This card is part of my promotional activities as a graphics designer. I used typographic techniques for the words. I used the paint brush tool in the photoshop to create the messaging system. Merry Christmas and happy New Years. Please contact Adrian Guerin for you digital graphic design requirements. Merry Christmas. With best wishes. Adrian :)

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More Christmas News

Last week my mum sent a very nice Christmas card, only one problem.. it was 3 weeks early. ‘Deep breath’ I thought, ‘keep it together, it’s not a big deal’. I retained my composure, sought a pen and calmly wrote a message on the card: Mum, I know you mean well, but this card is 3 weeks early, which frankly is unacceptable. Shall I now send you your birthday card for next October? Of course not, nor should you be sending Christmas cards in the early days of December. Please observe the calendar and resend at the appropriate time. Failure to do so will leave me with little choice but to further postpone my long awaited return home. I think we all agree that this would be a most unfortunate outcome, though necessary nonetheless. I look forward to your response. Sincerely Adrian Guerin.

It’s in the mail, I’ll be very interested to see the response.

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