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This is an historic post, one that takes the mantle of being the longest ever to grace the coveted pages of Stuff & Shit. My editors and marketing team demanded I cut it down, warning that these epic, thesis-styled pieces of diatribe are isolating the core audience, those who like the short, sharp, anecdotal stuff that Stuff & Shit became famous for. Stuff that shit I said, and stuff Stuff & Shit. All staff have been sacked. The post is long. If you want the light-hearted posts about cats and dogs, I suggest you go back to the previous post about the cat who lives at the end of the street. This is the real stuff. The is the real Stuff & Shit. If I keep writing this intro it’s only going to keep getting longer. Begin!

I’ve recently started teaching ‘Introduction to Geopolitics and the Politics of Global Hegemony’, to 5 year olds at my local primary school. I’ll be uploading transcripts with notes of each class onto Stuff & Shit. I’ll also be adopting the use of the hashtag to provide a witty subtext to parts of the text. #trends

Understanding the term ‘Bigot’

Morning kids. A bigot is anyone who reads the Herald-Sun, The Sun, the New York Post, watches channels like Fox News or thinks Tony Abbot is ok. They are generally aghast at the idea of their tax dollars funding a disabled person, mental illness, infrastructure, health, education, social security etc etc. i.e, anything from which they won’t directly benefit, or anything they think goes toward the 0.7% (UK) of the population who claim benefits falsely  They litter social media with views on things like boat people, the undeserving poor, the communists and the scientific conspiracy of climate change. They are staunchly opposed to evidence and fact based opinion. #trolls #bogans #inbreeds Continue Reading

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