Advertising is clever Part 1

I know these ads are deliberately stupid and kooky ironic in a trendy well researched targeted demographic care free spirited fuck the system kinda way, but it is still the opinion of Stuff & Shit that these ad men should stick to producing traditional pointless stupid shit, not ironic pointless stupid shit.

I wish those guns were real. No seriously, I really wish they were real.
Guys, can I play? It looks real but it’s not. Let me play.

To be fair, this one is clever. I like the way the girl is questioning why glasses should be worn over eyes without hair underneath. And how she’s being really silly in a really vacuous, numb sorta way. I really like it. And how she’s really bony with a massive armpit hole.

Suspected pee stain.

This is my favourite, it’s a little bit controversial and really hits the spot with closet activists. Because so many political activists are models nowadays, and dress in carefully constructed casual Diesel street wear. ‘Hey mate, you look like a shop window mannequin. Yeah you. C’mon, what you ganna do? You’re a mannequin, you’re frozen in a carefully constructed pose’.

Frail, half-naked and aloof, waiting to accept it from behind because she is cool. It’s not sexist, because it’s a play on sexism, see… advertising is clever. It’s aware of what it is doing. I get it. I’m going to give this to my nieces so they know how to be cool when they grow up. That’s it Millie, run to Diesel, it’s ok, they’re a brand, they do market-research, you’re their market now, listen to them, do what they say. Go on Millie, Diesel is your guardian now, go on.

Die Diesel Die!

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