Forced Participation

I’m a staunch critic of forced participation. At one of my guesthouses, I was forced to leave a comment in the book. Well, I wasn’t forced, but my host kept mentioning the book, asking me to flick through it, and went as far as telling me to take it with me into the room one night. ‘You can leave a comment if you want’. ‘Oh can i? Gee, thanks. That’s really great’. It felt like a Larry David moment from Curb Your Enthusiasm. I could imagine larry awkwardly holding the book and turning to Cheryl, ‘what, I have to leave a comment in this thing? I don’t want to, I don’t know what to write’. ‘He’ll be offended if you don’t, just write something. Give it some thought tonight and write something special tomorrow.’ ‘Something special? i barely know the guy. I’m not happy about this’. I ended up writing ‘A little less of the unannounced entries into my room would have been nice. 10pm is not really an appropriate time to just casually stroll into my room, unannounced, and ask how I am. What if I was having a wank? Ever think of that?’

That was the last ever entry into the guest book, the guest book has now been retired.

*Obviously, as an obedient young catholic boy, I’d never be so dirty as to masturbate (I’d have a priest do it for me).

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