Found in London Recently

The night the anarchists tried to destroy Christmas:

After hijacking student protests, the anarchists ventured to Trafalgar Square and started setting fire to the giant xmas tree. Within seconds riot police swarmed the area, sprayed the tree and formed a guard around it, subsequently saving Christmas.

This is the line of police blocking entry to Whitehall. I got face to face with them, shouting abuse and taunting them while playing NWA’s Fuck The Police on my massive portable stereo system. One of them broke the line and cracked me on the head with his baton, the sound it made was kinda like that of a baton hitting a hollow piece of wood. It hurt dearly so I ran away. The stereo system was scratched but still works, I now use it to drown out the Spotify music at work. I was finally offered a very modest redundancy package yesterday.

American poo, McDonald’s?

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