iPad. iDon’t think so

Here are some of the best and worst comments made in the world of blogging and journalism last week:

The Worst

Blogger: How does apple always know what we need before we need it?

It’s called marketing. You’re exactly the type of brand obsessive that allows the archetypal ad man to drive a Porsche to work instead of a more humble Saab. I bought it, because they told me to.

Stephen Fry: I want to fondle it and lick it.

There are these things called females (or in your case, men) Stephen. Find one. NOW.

The Best

Blogger: …but hey, it looks COOL, is THIN and is made by APPLE… so better buy one.

I like your style, let’s exchange notes.

Blogger: Steve Jobs is not the Messiah, he’s a business with a gullible customer base.


I came up with some clever names for the iPad. They are: iSad, iShat, iDon’t give a shit about discovering new ways to browse the web or the idea of reading a novel on a screen. iAm not a mac nerd who gets aroused every time apple breaks news/wind, iAm going to Thailand in less than 2 weeks, iAm thinking of growing a mid nineties style bob-cut.

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