It’s all too much

This is close to the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen… a piece of advertising depicting a bunch of men sitting on each other with nothing but underwear, socks, boots and bulge. To be fair, although it is ridiculous, in its defense I can kinda see where they are coming from. For example, at work our studio tends to get very hot, so quite often we are forced to lose layers of clothing to combat the heat. Every now and gain, just for a laugh, the guys will take all their clothes off, apart from undies and boots, and just sit on each other and muck around. Everyone gets a laugh out of it and it’s actually a lot of fun. Last week Matt sat on Damien while Rich sat on Graham. The week before Graham sat on Matt while Rich got really tactile. No big deal, but my question is, although this is common practice, why has it been turned into an ad?? I don’t get it.

In all seriousness, an ad like this makes me stand back and ask what the hell is going on. What are we all doing? What legacy are we leaving? Bad advertising is one of the great tragedies of our time, forget famine Africa, forget conflict in the Middle East, forget Sarah Palin, this shit is real. It is all too much

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