London to Australia by land & sea, Part 1: Over

As my cart quietly pulls up to the most easterly point of Turkey, the Iranian border, my horse stops and my drivers turns to me, ‘I’ve taken you as far as I can, from here, you’re on foot’. ‘Much obliged Sir, Teşekkür ederim’, as I hand my driver 10 Lira and and an Australian football, ‘This is a souvenir, a real Football’. I observe a sign in Farsi, which I use Google Translate to decipher, ‘Please leave all western evils behind before entering Iran’. I promptly unpack Facebook, Flickr, Skype and 2 bottles of beer from my sack. A Persian approaches, ‘And that one too, Sir’, pointing to the bottle of beer in my pants.  ‘But please Sir, I’m Australian, I need it’. ‘Ha! Beer? Where you’re going, you won’t need beer’. ‘Ok’ (I have another hidden further down my pants). As I walk the final stretch, the credits begin to role on Part 1 of the trip. Part 2, ’30 days in the Islamic Republic’, begins tomorrow. The trip has officially begun.

Road to Iran

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