My first Yoga class

Must say I was a little on-edge during this. I looked about the room and saw around 30 woman and thought… shit, surely there is at least one other guy here. Nope, shit. Do guys even do yoga? It isn’t a female only activity like menstruation or lesbianism?! I really should read up more on these types of things before embarking on them. Then I thought maybe guy’s do do it, but this is a female only class, in which case I should just quietly leave with my tail between my leg’s. But it’s about to start, crap. Then I went on to thinking the girls might suspect me as being some random sex-pest who’s in it to perv on woman. I’m not, seriously I’m not. I’ve heard great things about yoga and just want to learn. Eventually I made it through the class and thought, fuck that, never again. But I decided to give it another go, and then another, and now I’m ok with it all (and so are the girls).

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