Written Piece for work newsletter

I wrote this for the newsletter at work. The occasion was bowling to farewell a colleague and Adam is the owner of the company I work for:

The evening kicked off with sparkling wine in the studio before Adam came charging through the door… ‘Alright, what’s the plan?!’ Everyone looked at each other… ‘What? He’s actually coming? I thought it was just media hype’. It was kinda like Dad taking out the kids on a family night out. He even bought us dinner and drinks, cheers Dad.

Nicole found success by applying extreme force to get results (just like real life). We still have visions of her charging down the lane before letting out an excruciating scream upon releasing the ball. She made the children nearby cry. Sarah was as farcical as everyone thought and hoped she would be…the awkward mix of high altitude and little to no co-ordination. Sarah is the only person who could manage to wake up with heavy bruising from 2 rounds of bowling. Krista paid an inordinate amount of attention to style and technique, often halting play for extended periods to pose for photoshoots of herself in ‘action’. The difference between Krista in a photoshoot and Krista in actual action was palpable. Adam achieved the highest score possible for enthusiasm… bouncing around like an over excited kid all night… heckling and high fiving everything in sight. Sadly his form with the ball was bitterly disappointing. Bitterly, bitterly disappointing. To whom do the workers look when their leader lets them down? I scored 150, which I think was more than double my nearest competitor… Sigh. Adam and co bode bode farewell and it was left to the truly hardcore to see the night out… Krista, Sarah and myself. They both tried it on with me several times before I pleaded with them to control themselves and not spoil the night. They couldn’t, so I put them in a cab and sent them home.

A top night had by all, all the best to Krista on her trip back to the other side!

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