Pointless words/phrases

Moving forward
E.g. ‘Moving forward, we will look to build on what we’ve done’. Forward, as opposed to when? Moving backwards? Even if we do move backwards to amend previous mistakes or oversights, we’re still moving forward. We don’t need to be told we are moving forward. Space, matter, time.. it’s common knowledge. Pointless, corporate, malarkey.

‘Just to pre-warn you, you may need to stay back tonight’. The ‘warn’ part, is the ‘pre’ part. It is the warning. Is a pre-warning a warning to the warning that is about to be warned? How far back in the process of warning someone do we need to go?

‘Oh yes, that generic, banal, Getty sponsored design you’ve done, is really impactful’. Look it up, the word doesn’t exist (Well, it has a token entry, but it is not a real word).

Big Society
‘We believe in big society’. This is the term David Cameron and his band of cronies belt out to make their ideology for Great Britain a little more opaque. Problem is, it doesn’t actually mean anything. It sounds ok, but the reality of the way they see the world is different to the way they spruik it. The way to get around it? Create a broad, meaningless, pointless slogan that the lowest common denominator can latch on to. Also popular in marketing and advertising.

The Excuse
‘I/we/he/she didn’t get the job/account because there were circumstances beyond my/our/his/her control’ such as ‘The competitor had inside knowledge’, or ‘It wouldn’t have been that good anyway’. That’s code for, ‘I/we/he/she fucked up, but let’s not dent morale or ego’. Kinda like when someone says ‘it was a mutual break-up’. Bullshit, you were dumped.

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