The stats don’t lie

Today I reflected on the Facebook Marketing stats for my blog… of the 2 status updates I’ve done to promote it, there have been a total of 3 ‘likes’ (one of which was from my sister) and 2 comments (again, one from my sister, the other… from me). I must say this is a little disheartening when the status update prior to mine spoke of how ‘Shelly’ had just cooked an amazing spaghetti Bolognese, and was now going to snuggle into bed for Sex and the City… “Ooooh Can’t wait!!”, and 10 people gave it the thumbs up. And then another 10 commented on how “delish” this sounded and how amazing Shelly’s life is. C’mon people, I’m out here putting my neck on the line to entertain, and you’re all more interested in what Shelly’s having for dinner? Fuck it.

It’s generally a sign that you’re closer than you’ve ever been before to becoming a loser, when the only people who think you are doing well are your family. ‘Don’t worry Aid, we think you’re funny’.

Knowing the calibre of you lot, you’ll all probably now deliberately ignore my status updates and blog, just to provoke rage. Well sorry, I’m one step ahead. I have now decided to give my own status updates the thumbs up, and comment on my own blog posts. Now who’s the loser? Ha Ha Ha

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