Vote Republican

 “One of the things I will talk about, that no president has talked about before, is I think the dangers of contraception in this country. It’s not okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be. [Sex] is supposed to be within marriage. It’s supposed to be for purposes that are yes, conjugal…but also procreative. That’s the perfect way that a sexual union should happen…This is special and it needs to be seen as special.”

~Rick Santorum. This guy, up until recently was a chance to be president. Oh shit. Please stay in the race, your presence is the best thing your enemies have.
If we took away the minimum wage—if conceivably it was gone—we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely.”
~Michele Bachmann. That’s genius. Why didn’t anyone else think of that? Oh right, exploitation. Bugger.
“Capital punishment is our way of demonstrating the sanctity of life.”
~Republican Senator Orrin Hatch. Um, no comment.
“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term President.”
~Mitch McConnell. A lesson on how to set healthy priorities. 
“It is tragic what we do in the poorest neighborhoods, entrapping children in child laws which are truly stupid…These schools should get rid of unionized janitors, have one master janitor, pay local students to take care of the school.”
~Newt Gingrich. Child labour….Ummmm…. I’m ganna stand over there. Kids, quick, come with me.
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