Stuff & Shit Controversy

Several commentators have recently criticised the balance discrepancy between the level of shit in Stuff & Shit, versus the level stuff in Stuff & Shit, arguing that Stuff & Shit has more shit than stuff and calling for more stuff and less shit in Stuff & Shit, to balance out the relationship between stuff and shit in Stuff & Shit.

The shit being the anecdotes that are blatant lies, or the blatant sampling other people’s work (which I call disseminating).

Example of shit (pun unintended)
Observe this recent post/witty observation, followed by the story behind it:

American poo. McDonald’s?

The Story
Adrienne BonDurant: Oh, step a few feet back, look up, what does that sign say?
Adrian Guerin: What sign?
Look straight up, what does it say.
Where, what?
The sign, right there, from this position, what does it say?
The f***ing sign, what does it say, it’s funny. American what?
Las Vegas?
American Poo you f***ing idiot. From this angle it says American Poo… you are a waste of space.
Oh yeah cool. I’m ganna take a pic of that.

That night it was on the blog, no credit. Also, comments had been disabled, no scope for protest.

Shit, example 2
Some posts have shown political leanings to be left of centre in their nature. However, while one minute I’ll preach as such; being a man of the people, the next I will be overheard making the following comment walking down the high street:

And on the left here is Subway, that’s where bogans, chavs and the lower classes go to eat their meals. On the right here is McDonald’s, that’s where the litter of society go to inhale their meals. If you pass by at midnight on a Saturday, you will experience a real life history lesson by stepping back in time to that of the Hunter Gatherers, the savages, Neanderthals, fighting, mating and scavenging for scraps.

Editors comment
While Stuff & Shit is the voice of the people, it does not advocate freedom of speech (just like the Daily Fail and Metro). You are welcome to read the blog, but you cannot comment. You cannot disagree. You cannot question. Your influence will not be credited. All you can do is nod your head and ‘Like’ (much like society’s docile masses). Don’t like it? Go to the top bar and click the button just above the masthead. Which button? NEXT!*

Enter resounding roar of crowd.
Exit Stuff & Shit, ushered away by bodyguards.
Kid breaks crowd and asks ‘Stuff & Shit, why are you so hardcore?’
Shrug shoulders. Dunno. Now FUCK OFF PUNK!
Final roar from crowd.

Thanks everyone xxx

The ‘NEXT’ reference relates to the former home of Stuff & Shit, which had a button allowing readers to move to the next blog.
Stuff & Shit has shown its progressive side since being absorbed by LO-FI, the latter insisting on the people having the right to comment on posts.

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