The mega-city Chongqing is the closest thing I’ve seen to the real life version of the dystopian world I spent 4 years creating. I was only planning on spending an afternoon here before boarding a boat to cruise along the Yangtze, but after being faced with the opportunity to explore a tangible interpretation of my imagination, I decided that Chongqing required at least a few days. It’s one of the biggest cities in the world and you’ve probably never heard of it. It has no coherence, no town-planning, rather it’s an absolute mish-mash of buildings atop buildings, bridges, gigantic construction sites, haze, pollution and humidity. One moment you’ll be at ground level looking up to the ubiquitous gigantic structures, the next you’ll have unknowingly walked up a few hills and found yourself 100 metres above ground level right amongst the buildings themselves. The more I saw of the city, the more I noticed that many of the photographs I’d saved from photographers over the years were actually from Chongqing.

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