The 2 month bump is beginning to kick in. Extreme lethargy is starting to take hold – it’s like a leech is under your skin and sucking all your energy. This is not helped by UAE/Oman’s insistence on having their busses depart at ungodly hours. Each morning, the alarm will be met with a tirade of abuse from its recipients.After the anger settles, the shock starts to set it. There is utter disbelief – ‘I cant believe it, it can’t 5am already. I’ve barely slept. There was a dog fight right outside the window that lasted the full 10 rounds. When a winner was finally declared, the bloody joker with his Call to Prayer started singing an extended rendition of his greatest hit’. ‘Give it a rest with the bloody singing mate, it’s 5:00 in the morning! I’m gonna call the cops!. As with every Monday morning in the real world, it’s denial all round, ‘Im not getting up, stuff the bus, and fuck the whole trip, it’s not worth it. I’m staying in bed. I can’t go on like this, I’m coming apart at the seams. Look at me, i’m hideous!!’. Then, rationalising the impact of missing the bus begins, ‘We can stay another night here, whats the worst that can happen? Muscat is a pretty city’. Then, it’s like rationalising a murder cover up ‘Ok, ok, it’s agreed. The alarm never went off. It never happened. Just walk away, get back into bed, close the curtains and forget the sun is rising. We’re going back to sleep, got it?!’. ‘Oh, i don’t know, what about the itinerary?’ ‘Are you crazy! Fuck the itinerary, we’re too tired. You can’t argue with the body kid, that’s an argument you’re not going to win’.

Forbidden sleep is the best kind of sleep, because you really, really appreciate it. Like the sleep you sleep when you should be studying, or should be at work. It’s a deep, relaxing sleep. You’re slightly worried that the receptionist or your boss is going to come banging on your door wondering why you’re still in bed. But apart from that, lucid dreams and complete comfort ensue. ‘Oh, that was gooood, we gotta do that again’. ‘Yeah, stuff the trip, lets sleep’.