I recently ventured to the Danish capital. There are Great Danes everywhere. And I mean everywhere. More Great Danes than humans. And you can ask them questions for directions, because they’re generally quite accommodating. Just don’t try and pat them though. Upon seeing my first Great Dane (waiting in a queue at the airport) I excitedly ran over and tried to pat its head, and say ‘Hurrow, you’re a good boy’, only to be sternly rebuked, ‘Don’t touch the Great Dane!’, in a very deep, fast bark. Apparently they consider it demeaning. He then proceeded to lecture me (in a Queens English accent), about the class system in Denmark. Not only are dogs considered more prestigious than cats, they’re also in a higher caste than humans. I then profusely apologised, bowing my head a number of times before kissing his paw. He raised his head and graciously accepted. ‘Very well, you weren’t to know. Now carry on’. ‘Oh thank you Great Dane, thank you’.