I like it when you reach a point in a trip and receive a sign that you’re getting further and further from the world you know – from tourists, from everything, and entering another world. Last year it was entering a station in Siberia at 4:00am. This year it was during a break on the bus en route to the wild east of Turkey. It’s 2:00 AM, which is always a fun time, especially when you know you’re no chance of ever sleeping. We disembark to a bunch of men standing in front of a shop. For whatever reason, a mans voice is shouting into speakers, loudly, God knows what, over and over and over. Then it would play a little jingle, and start again. There’s a woman sitting on the ground. I thought to myself, ‘Gee, shits starting to get weird’. So weird that the guy whose voice was incessantly shouting over the speaker, somehow sounded Australian. Then a young Turkish woman approached and hands me a piece of fruit, ‘I saw you before, I thought you were Turkish’. O…..k. She gave me a pear, she loves pears and thought I should try a Turkish pear. I didn’t really care for it, it was so hard it nearly cracked my front teeth. ‘Thanks though, mmmmm, it’s delicious. I really love the rocky texture. Now can you help me search for my cracked teeth, I actually need some of those.’ Surely I’ve stumbled into some movie set, and the director has decided to just go with it. That, or I’m finally getting closer to where I was headed.