The irony of Tony Blair warning about the danger of Jeremy Corbyn. This is the guy whose love-in with W Bush resulted in the deaths of 179 Brits in Iraq. This is the guy who implicated the UK in an invasion that destroyed an entire country, and paved the way for a dystopian caliphate.

While African and Serbian war criminals go the The Hague, the Anglos retreat to their mansions, and without a trace of irony, offer their expert view on politics and international relations.

Corbyn, dangerous? No. Treating the Middle East like it’s your playground is dangerous. Not understanding the first thing about the countries we invade: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya – that’s dangerous. Not having a plan beyond a military crusade, that’s dangerous. Not understating the consequences of creating death camps such as Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, that’s dangerous. Spending £30b on nuclear weapons while lecturing the rest of the world about how dangerous they are? Dangerous. The fictional ‘centre ground’ is dangerous. Cosying up with extremely radical and violent countries such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Sisi’s Egypt, that’s dangerous.

But most of all, if Corbyn were ever to become PM, he would be savagely ruthless towards Blair and his New Labour clique. And if you’re Tony Blair, that is very, very dangerous.

The illustration:

The illustration shows Blair giving one of his many, well-publicised speeches about Jeremy Corbyn during the Labour leadership contest of 2015. The coffins of the 179 British casualties of Iraq lie behind him, a reminder that despite all the rhetoric and hyperbole, it was Balir who proved to be one of the most disastrous PMs this country has ever seen. His toxic legacy will haunt the Labour Party, the UK and the Middle East for years to come. And without a hint of shame, he proudly wears the Remembrance poppy on his left lapel.