The CCP and I continue to debate my right to upload travel photos to Flickr, until we resolve our dispute, I’ll continue posting snippets of the pics to S&S.

20120615-014550 PM.jpg
The courtyard of my guesthouse in Pingyao.

20120615-100503 PM.jpg
I was lucky enough to sit in on this weekly strategy meeting in Pingyao, some very interesting ideas being floated around.

20120615-095549 PM.jpg
Guess the preferred mode of transportation in Pingyao.

20120615-095655 PM.jpg
Cycling outside the walls of Pingyao was arguably more interesting than doing so within them.

20120615-095800 PM.jpg
Muslim Quarter in Xian

20120615-095903 PM.jpg
Communist quarter in Xian

20120615-095941 PM.jpg
Back to the Muslim Quarter, the sights, smells and sounds… Memories of the West Bank.

20120615-100044 PM.jpg
Meat lovers

20120615-100144 PM.jpg
Muslim Quarter, Xian

20120615-100221 PM.jpg
Sneaky shot of me from the well travelled Mr Milner