Israel’s Great Wall of Shame

Ive finally worked out how to get WordPress and the iPad to live in harmony, so i’ll try and get Stuff & Shit cooking again, albeit with an identity crisis, one day being a travel blog, the next an anecdotal-humour-mixed-with-vitriol-type blog that everyone is more accustomed to. Firstly, a brief update of where I’m at… I’ve spent the past week in the West Bank (Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah) and have now gone south to the border of Israel and Jordan for some down time by the Gulf of Aqaba, it’s kinda like Australia’s Gold Coast in the Middle East, a bit tacky but so relaxing after an absolutely manic fortnight. I’ll be heading to Petra in Jordan tomorrow before returning to the northern part of the West Bank and a town that has offered some of the fiercest resistance in recent years, Nablus, before calling time on my 3 weeks in the region and heading to Russia on the 19th.

Before all this, I saw the great wall of shame for the first time last week. I was a little surprised at how it made me feel. Not that I thought looking at it would give me a buzz and think, wow, this is great, but I didn’t think I’d feel momentarily depressed. To see this gigantic, man made structure, totally intrude upon the local population in the most coarse manner imaginable makes you embarrassed to be part of the species that constructed it. The most telling example of the reality of it all, is the first pic below. A residential/office block that previously looked out to a typical Palestinian landscape, hills, sunny sky etc. is now surrounded on all but one side by a pile of concrete. It’s actually cruel. So one day you look out your window and see light and colour, the next you see grey. Possibly worse, is that this building is now essentially at the back of a dark alley, as with a lot of the section of the wall I saw. One stretch of the wall has been decorated by artists, my favourite of which is the final photo below.

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