Australians rejoice, WE STOPPED THE BOATS! But we sold our souls.

A young female refugee suffers an epileptic fit and briefly loses consciousness. She wakes to discover she’s been raped, the give-away being the blood and semen that’s dripping out of her. A three-year-old boy is molested by a guard, the mother is too scared to report it until she’s been medevacked to Australia for a medical emergency. Six boys, separated from their parents, try to kill themselves en masse, using the same razor blade.

Welcome to Australia’s treatment of maritime refugees. Actually, that’s the PC term. We like to call them The Boat People. The Liberal party describes it as ‘Restoring the integrity of Australia’s borders and stopping the boats’. Labor supports it. In reality it means paying off poor countries to oversee rape, suicide and child incarceration on our behalf. Y’see, we’re signatories of things human rights and refugee conventions. We believe in things like democracy and justice. So it’s kinda difficult to ignore the abuse of these values when your whole political ideology is about protecting them. That’s the genius of the outsourcing our problems to poor countries. They don’t have the institutions to uphold basic rights. So if we send them all there, it’s no longer our problem. Get it?

While the policy and has been a political success, in real terms it has been an abject failure. Yes, the boats did stop. But what the Liberal party and their ravenous media never really acknowledge, is the depths to which we have sunk in order to achieve this goal. Stopping the boats led to a deterrent policy so extreme that even Iran has lectured us on it. But because so much fear and loathing has been roused about these horrible vermin, there is no turning back. It would be political suicide to try a humane solution. It would be ‘weak’. History is lined with ‘how could they let that happen’ moments. Future generations will ask how a rich, prosperous and friendly nation allowed itself to reduce human life to a political slogan.