The CCP is starting to make it very difficult for me to post pics to Flickr, no access at all to Facebook, but I somehow still have access to my blog. I’d say that of all the things they should block, it’s Stuff & Shit. I’ll keep the content pro regime till i leave. For now, here’s some pics…
Cycling Beijing

20120611-023305 PM.jpg
Update on the beard, after being tempted to shave it I’ve still got it. It looks basically the same each day after an early surge. I now look very much like my Dad when he was my age, who, btw, just beat throat cancer. Well done.

20120611-023606 PM.jpg

20120611-023623 PM.jpg

20120611-023723 PM.jpg
The lads and I enjoying a quiet one.

20120611-023916 PM.jpg
The apocalypse

20120611-023959 PM.jpg
This was quite an achievement, getting to the top of a section of the Great Wall. Not because it was all that difficult, but because the day before I was the victim of food sickness terror. A day of rage. Food poison is my arch nemesis, I’m sure he hasn’t finished with me and will strike again.

20120611-025450 PM.jpg
Some steep steps