I may end up becoming a travel agent for Iran. Currently in the mountains near the Iraqi border, Howaraman, which is a series of Kurdish Villages built into the mountains. I feel like I’ve entered a movie set – never have I seen anything like it, never will I see anything like it. The people are happy, honest, kind and all that crap. I’ve been invited into family homes and cooked for, shown family photos, given tea etc etc. The impression that we have of Iran being dangerous, is just plain embarrassing on our part. I won’t crap on about that though. Exactly halfway through the trip, plan to dart east to the desert tomorrow before making my way south to cross the Persian Gulf to Dubai, where i will meet a Bondurant. Strangely, this seems to be the only place I’ve had a wifi connection – deep the in mountains. Not fast enough to upload pics to my site though, but I can sneak a few very lo-res versions from the past few weeks here, all from north west Iran, which is a spectacularly diverse region in its own right. I’ve taken thousands of pics, it’s a shame I can’t share them as i go, internet is practically useless. I have absolutely no idea what is happening in the rest of the world, please let me know if Obama decides to bomb us.

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